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Gift Certificates  
Is it time to dream up a a fantastic gift for someone.  Are you stumped for creative ideas, or just don't have the time to shop?  If this sounds like you, you will love a u*b*u™ gift certificate.

Recipients can select one of our fun customized character designs on their choice of hundreds of gift formats.  We have a wide range of trendy non-character designs available as well.

You can send an ubu gift certificate instantly.  It not only shows that you care, but is also shows that you wanted to give something original, fun and exciting....a personalized product.  And who does not like seeing their name in print?

It is easy to get started,  for instant delivery, just choose the amount for the gift, what you want to say on the card and the recipient's email address.  Once the gift certificate arrives, your recipient can immediately head to and have a blast shopping to his or her heart's content.

Now go and relax!  We we will take care of the rest..

$25 - Certificate  

$35 - Certificate  

$50 Certificate  

$75 - Certificate  

$100 Certificate  
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