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We know that processing orders can sometimes be time consuming.  From advertising, placing your orders (manually or online), providing customer service, and making shipping arrangements, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly. What if there was a way to make that process easier? In keeping with our objective of making it easier to order our products and increase profitability for our dealers, now there is a way.

With the program, we give you the ability to concentrate on other aspects of your business. This site allows your customers to quickly place orders for all u•b•u™ products when they need them. You no longer have to worry about any aspect of the sale. When your customers order an item, they check off that they are not dealer, and that they were referred by a dealer and then then indicate your name.  It's that simple to place an order.

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The great thing about this is that we can place a link on your site that will take them directly to

We Do Everything for You – from Start to Finish
Your customer places the order and we produce and send it to them. You will get an email saying that an order has been placed and an email notification when the order has shipped. Best of all, at the end of the month, you get a check for your portion of the sale. We do it all for you. Just sit back and collect your money. As an incentive for your customers to place orders, we can set up special promotions geared towards your clientele.

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